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SOLUTION, civil law. Payment.
     2. By this term, is understood, every species of discharge or liberation, which is called satisfaction, and with which the creditor is satisfied. Dig. 46, 3, 54; Code 8, 43, 17; Inst. 3, 30. This term has rather a reference to the substance of the obligation, than to the numeration or counting of the money. Dig. 50, 16, 176. Vide Discharge of a contract.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(b) turbulent flushes with 5 mL of normal saline solution when accessing the catheter for treatment initiation
A double blind, prospective trial of topical ciprofloxacin versus normal saline solution in the treatment of otorrhoea.
Bostick and Wendelgass (1987) examined the relationship between normal saline solution instillation and oxygenation in 45 adult post open-heart patients.
Pregnant women whose labor is too far along to be successfully halted receive intravenously either a single dose of magnesium sulfate or the same amount of normal saline solution, which is not a drug.
Wet samples were prepared by soaking the films in normal saline solution at 37 [degrees] C for two weeks or for six months.
The incised area was cleaned with Normal Saline solution and 5 ml inj.
CONCLUSION: The study showed that both 0.9% normal saline solution and 3.5% hypertonic saline significantly improved the mucociliary clearance.
This exposes the metastatic cells in the peritoneal cavity to 5-FU for a longer time before being absorbed by the peritoneum.9 Despite this fact we used the normal saline solution as a carrier for 5-FU as we wanted to get quicker absorption from the peritoneum and to achieve a higher level of toxicity of the drug as we were dealing with experimental model study, and not with the treatment of malignancies.
A bottle of normal saline solution (0.9% NaCl, Normal Saline Otsuka 1,000; Otsuka Chemicals, Osaka, Japan) at room temperature (21[degrees]-23[degrees]C) or at ice-cold temperature (3[degrees]-5[degrees]C) was connected to the IV infusion set of each warmer.
Fresh human blood, collected in a beaker, containing Sodium Citrate (3.8gm%, 10:1) was diluted with normal saline solution (8ml blood+10ml normal saline).