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Egg albumin and yolk: Samples of egg yolks and egg albumins were examined separately as 5 ml of each sample was mixed with 5 ml of normal saline solution.
c) gentle flushes with 10 mL of normal saline solution prior to instillation of the catheter lock
2ml of diluted blood was taken in 10ml of normal saline solution and incubated for 60min at 37 [degrees]C.
A double blind, prospective trial of topical ciprofloxacin versus normal saline solution in the treatment of otorrhoea.
Included in these guidelines was a discussion of the effect of normal saline solution instillation on the quality of secretions.
We therefore studied the effect of six months soaking in normal saline solution at 37 [degrees] C on the tensile properties.
The corneal and conjunctival surfaces were irrigated with normal saline solution and periocular area was painted with
Normal saline solution is isotonic to body fluid and Ringer Lactate solution simulates the in vivo fluid environment.