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He said restoration of peace and normalcy in entire country, particularly in Fata, was top most priority of federal government adding
The Consulate General of India in Dubai issued a statement on Thursday saying, "The issue of jumbo passports, which were regulated by the Consulate due to scarcity, has been restored to normalcy.
Since two days the life has come to normalcy and people are busy with their day to day work.
The disturbance was reported hours after the city's condition began limping towards normalcy after a shutdown of almost two days.
Ireland's banking sector is trying to return to normalcy as it moves closer to completely exiting from the three year bailout period.
Peace and normalcy in Karachi is directly linked to progress and development of the country," he said.
Normalcy then was contentment with a rate of African-American joblessness twice that of whites.
They advocated as well to set up bank financing mechanisms to help damaged companies and guarantee the necessary working capital to ensure the return of the overall activities to normalcy, more particularly commerce.
Owais while responding to various points, raised by the members of the delegation also briefed them about the geo-political developments taking place in the region in the light of their historical perspective and said that keeping in view the ground realities it is our earnest desire that peace and normalcy is restored in that country at the earliest which is also in the best interest of the world community.
The prime minister later sought his assistance in restoring normalcy to the valley.
Jeddah, June 14 (BNA) The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu has appealed for the immediate return of calm and normalcy in Kyrgyzstan following the ethnic clashes and unrest in the city of Osh which resulted in the death of tens of people and scores of many others injured.
Kashmir is returning to normalcy but the forces hostile to India do not want