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Iqbal said the signing of the normalisation annex had been an emotional matter.
to prohibit all forms of normalisation, deal in any way with [Israel] , or any other institutions or entities affiliated with it.
Pour rappel, l'Observatoire marocain contre la normalisation avec IsraE1/2l avait rendu public en mai dernier un projet de loi criminalisant tous les actes de normalisation avec l'Etat hebreu, aux termes duquel l'Observatoire avait propose des peines d'emprisonnement pouvant aller jusqu'a cinq ans et des amendes allant jusqu'a un million de dirhams.
With concerns about the recovery receding, increasing risks of generalised inflation indicate that monetary policy has to continue the calibrated normalisation process.
In his address at a conference on "security in the Southern Caucasus" at the Chatham House in the UK, Sargsian said significant progress has been recorded recently in the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkey, without any preconditions.
He urged NGOs, political associations, the General Federation for Bahrain Trade Unions and women's societies to step up the pressure and lobby the Shura members into approving the normalisation ban.
Cette derniere a mis en exergue le role de la normalisation en tant qu'outil permettant a l'entreprise de [beaucoup moins que]faciliter son commerce et de reduire les risques[beaucoup plus grand que].
I know for sure that nearly one and a half months ago, Mitchell has asked Arab countries to take normalisation measures towards Israel," eminent Palestinian political expert Hani Al Masri confirmed in an interview with Gulf News.