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The adoption of this law will help break legally and permanently with any attempt at normalisation with the Zionist entity, thus making Tunisia the 1st Arab and Muslim country to make such a decision," the activist underlined.
Les interventions de la Tunisie dans les travaux de normalisation dudit comite ont apporte d'importants benefices pour le tourisme a l'echelle nationale et internationale, notamment dans le secteur de la thalassotherapie, a la faveur de la mise en oeuvre (en 2015) de la norme ISO 17680 qui a ete inspiree de la norme tunisienne NT 126.
All these documents that we had signed are important, but the annex on normalisation and addendum on Bangsamoro waters is vital because it is the last of the four annexes that completes the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro signed in October 2012," he said.
Emerging Market Economies (EMEs) are expected to continue the process of normalisation of monetary policy in view of their stronger recovery, emerging inflationary pressures, and risks of asset price build-up.
Sargsian who said that Turkey set forth the Upper Karabakh issue as a precondition for the approval of protocols, adding that such an attitude jeopardised both the Upper Karabakh issue and the normalisation of relations with Turkey.
Debating drugs and everyday life: normalisation, prohibition and 'Otherness'.
Et de preciser que le Comite Miroir Tunisien de normalisation ISO /PC 278, regroupant des experts de l'INNORPI et de toutes les parties concernees (Instance nationale de lutte contre la Corruption, Organes de controles, Societe Civile, Administration, Federations professionnelles,.
I know for sure that nearly one and a half months ago, Mitchell has asked Arab countries to take normalisation measures towards Israel," eminent Palestinian political expert Hani Al Masri confirmed in an interview with Gulf News.
Jusqu'au mois de fevrier 2016, l'institut de la normalisation a publie 300 normes tunisiennes dans le domaine de l'environnement sur un total de 18 mille normes tunisiennes.
Meanwhile, eminent Palestinian political analyst Hani Al Masri said the outline of normalisation of ties for freezing was announced when both US president Barack Obama and Mitchell said Arabs and Israel have obligations to meet.
Le ministere des Technologies de la communication et de l'Economie numerique nous a annonce ce lundi 22 fevrier que la Tunisie accueillera la prochaine edition de l'Assemblee Mondiale de Normalisation des Telecommunications (AMNT).