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We were getting Everyone I know wants to get back to some sort of normality or arguing over legislation and feeling that we are doing something.
"Normality is key in the summer, it's vitally important.
Antnio Costa emphasized that "in a world and a Europe so marked by uncertainty, it is good to have this example of certainty, stability, confidence and normality in the functioning of institutions".
Police said normality was slowly returning while the security personnel had intensified patrolling in sensitive areas.
The membership functions for normality (ResNormality) have two [pi]-shaped functions (AbnormalRes; 0, 0, 0.25, and 0.75) and (NormalRes; 0.25, 0.75, and 1, 1), as shown in Figure 3(c).
The political establishment is satisfied with the maintenance of the normality of the status quo as it ensures against sharing power with the Turkish Cypriots and it has support of the majority of the population.
Based on most early studies, many classical handbooks on research methods in education and psychology draw the following conclusions: Moderate departures from normality are of little concern in the fixed-effects analysis of variance (Montgomery, 1991); violations of normality do not constitute a serious problem, unless the violations are especially severe (Keppel, 1982); F-test is robust to moderate departures from normality when sample sizes are reasonably large and are equal (Winer, Brown, &Michels, 1991); and researchers do not need to be concerned about moderate departures from normality provided that the populations are homogeneous in form (Kirk, 2013).
Normality: explosion, death, burial, then we rebuild and return to normality.
The results of our study on the two levels of interest are: Firstly, the use of Student's t-test is not adequacy with any type of educational data analyzed, if it does not meet the condition of normality. Secondly, two experiments in question to understand how the computer affects the learning process highlight different things in statistics: once the independence of the two variables and another once the existence of a relationship of dependency, but indirect one.
They described the "bizarre" effects of the earthquake in Kathmandu, describing a scene of normality for large parts of the city, before they come across destroyed buildings.
Because the data is difficult to obtain, the number of samples is small, this paper focuses on the small sample statistical theory was proposed based on the normality test method of time domain characteristics.
Drucker presents this exploration of the emerging ogay normality,o parallel to and entwined with traditional heteronormativity, and its relationship to capitalism as well as the continued invention of transgressive identifiers such as the current use of the moniker oqueero for more fluid identities.