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The political establishment is satisfied with the maintenance of the normality of the status quo as it ensures against sharing power with the Turkish Cypriots and it has support of the majority of the population.
Given this situation, the main goals of the present study are to provide a systematic examination of F-test robustness, in terms of Type I error, to violations of normality under homogeneity using a standard criterion such as that proposed by Bradley (1978).
If we check the normality of the samples by using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov criterion from SPSS (Fig.
Normality does not equal mental health; the need to look elsewhere for standards of good psychological health.
Long queues have become normality whereas the porters have been witnessed to sell the tickets in black.
The normality of a country, in the eyes of the world, is shown by the normality at elections and this chance is given to us on 5 June," said Ademi.
Hopefully, we can get him back to Dublin and get our lives back to some sort of normality and we're hoping that will be early next week.
Summary: As normality returns to Egypt and Tunisia, UNWTO welcomes efforts by national authorities to restore confidence among tourists and by foreign governments to update travel advisories accordingly.
However, he added, the threat has been largely rolled back and now efforts are underway to rehabilitate the affected people and the respective areas and normality to society.
ere were some strange results last week - none weirder than Montrose 8, Clyde 1 - so let's up there is a return to some normality today.
The return to normality in relations between the two countries is "most advantageous to Spanish interests," he said, adding that the Spanish government is maintaining dialogue at various levels with the Moroccan authorities to "clarify" incidents of the recent days.
A dud fell on Whitley Common and a cluster of bombs were dropped in fields near Chesterton, and it seemed life was getting back to some sort of normality.