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The statement added that the enactment of the law which criminalizes normalization will strongly support Palestine, its people, and its cause; the Palestinian people who sacrificed with thousands of martyrs and thousands of wounded and detainees.
Section IV presents several common and state-of-the-art cepstral normalization techniques.
Turkey should pursue diplomatic normalization with Israel without being influenced by its relations with Saudi Arabia.
To attain normalization and productivity, a comprehensive needs assessment will be conducted for the rebels and their communities as the basis for the crafting of comprehensive socioeconomic development programs.
Local normalization [4] is performed for each individual pixel according to the local area of block w x w of the size w = 8 pixels.
Becoming normalization (conversion from metric to standard gauge) the existing SG,
The protest marked one of the latest events in a campaign by Palestinians who oppose normalization with Israel.
Outside Japan, depending on region and vehicle model, normalization of production is expected to start in August, with normalization completing around November or December.
approaches against the normalization of relations with Israel should be
Previous research has shown that prechemotherapy levels of CA 125 are predictive of 5-year overall survival, but there is a lack of data on patterns of normalization in CA 125, said Dr.
Despite objections and organized protests every now and then, the unofficial normalization of ties between Morocco and Israel is pressing forward, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Tuesday.
Touching on the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia, Yenel underlined that Turkey wished for the continuation of normalization of relations between the two countries.