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It uses the priorities normalized by the corresponding strategy mechanism through the normalizer priority agents.
Quantitative reverse transcription RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) analysis of relative Pod-1/[beta]-actin mRNA levels in lung tissue, used as a normalizer, and in rat adrenal glomerulosa (G) and fasciculata/reticularis (F/R) primary cells.
We now fix a matrix [W.sub.d] that belongs to the normalizer N([[GAMMA].sub.1](N)), and define an automorphism of [X.sub.1](N).
Question normalizer and question generator is responsible for question formation.
The normalizer of a Sylow r-subgroup is the set of upper triangular matrices with determinant 1, so the order of the normalizer is r (r - 1).
Normalization factor for each sample was calculated as described by Kroh et al (30): The median of the normalizer [C.sub.T] values ([C.sub.T]-cel-miR-54 or [C.sub.T]-miR-16) from all samples was obtained and subtracted to respective normalizer of each sample.
Damiani, "Reference gene validation for qPCR on normoxia- and hypoxia-cultured human dermal fibroblasts exposed to UVA: is [beta]-actin a reliable normalizer for photoaging studies?" Journal of Biotechnology, vol.
where l is the number of elements sharing the node [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the set of all the nodes of element [e.sub.k] and b(x) is known as the normalizer and is equal to
The multisubjectivity of Obama ranges from a post-9/11 normalizer to a postracist United States.
Find: the normalizer [N.sub.G](H) = {g [member of] G | [H.sup.g] = H}.
While education is considered the great normalizer, a way to achieve the American dream, that dream is often only realized by those in the racial and cultural majority, or White Americans; education is not equitable, as evidenced by the disparity in standardized test scores, high school graduation rates, and other benchmarks between African American, Native American, Asian American, Latino, and White students, even from the same socio-economic level.
Yet official/corporate Egypt was itself a willing normalizer (the natural gas deal, for example), and unofficial indiscriminate boycotts denied Egyptians a prerequisite of public awareness - interaction.