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The definition of normalizing function is thus determined according to the quality measures.
Also, Sudan's foreign minister Ibrahim Ghandour said his country wouldn't mind considering the possibility of normalizing ties with Israel, underlining that Sudan doesn't establish relations with one country at the expense of another country.
According to AL WATAN, Qatar and Oman have so far agreed to the idea of normalizing ties with Israel in exchange for a freeze in settlement activity.
"So ending settlement building would be considered a lead up to negotiations and does not deserve rewarding Israel by normalizing ties with it," the paper stressed.
Japan proposes to formally resume negotiations on normalizing ties while handling two other issues -- North Korea's abductions of Japanese and the country's nuclear and missile programs -- in parallel through separate working groups.
A normalizing heat treatment typically is applied to iron castings in order to obtain a higher hardness and strength than is obtained in the as-cast or annealed condition.
The Japanese government announced earlier in the day it will unfreeze food aid to North Korea and plans to reopen talks on normalizing diplomatic relations.
"If it is," she says, "then getting rid of it should eradicate the disease." But if the change is a result rather than a cause, normalizing it won't help.
PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat's ( official statement goes further in showing how, despite the PA's refusal to participate, it still collaborates in normalizing Israel:
In the third quarter of 2016, normalizing items included after-tax amounts related to unrealized gains on risk management contracts and long-term investments, and recovery of development costs for the PNG Pipeline Looping Project.
The Palestinian Islamist faction Hamas has warned Arabs against normalizing ties with Israel in exchange for the latter freezing settlement activity, according to the Jordanian daily AD DUSTOUR Thursday.
Summary: Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud said Wednesday his upcoming visit to Damascus was aimed at normalizing ties with Syria in a way that preserved the common interests of both countries.