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Moreover, a hesitation in speaking, or rather a tendency to use the wrong words, made her seem more than normally incompetent for her years.
After Numa had again breathed normally and was able to roar out his protests and his rage, his struggles increased to Titanic proportions for a short time; but as a lion's powers of endurance are in no way proportionate to his size and strength he soon tired and lay quietly.
Every organ, so far as the doctor could know, was normal and was working normally.
It appeared from Fyne's narrative that the day before the first rumble of the cataclysm the questionable young man arrived unexpectedly in Brighton to stay with his "Aunt." To all outward appearance everything was going on normally; the fellow went out riding with the girl in the afternoon as he often used to do--a sight which never failed to fill Mrs.
Thus, was the sublime Snigsworth's wrath averted, and thus did he snort no larger amount of moral grandeur at the Corinthian column in the print over the fireplace, than was normally in his (and the British) constitution.
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Afia: Pattern scatter cushion [euro]29 (normally [euro]39)
ISLAMABAD -- Cholesterol a molecule normally linked with cardiovascular diseases may also play an important role in the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease, study said.
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AutomationDirect's Line of capacitive proximity sensors now includes 12 mm metal round bodied dc models with shielded and unshielded mounting options, PNP, normally open outputs, potentiometer adjustment and N12 quick disconnect.
THE Co-operative is topping off summer with a host of wine offers, including a "better than half price" deal on this Australian duo - Lindemans Private Estate Chardonnay 2011 and Lindemans Private Estate Shiraz Cabernet 2011 - now pounds 4.49 a bottle (normally pounds 9.99).