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That is, they can hear and evaluate the normalness of other linguistic practices in relation to those with which they are familiar.
We can therefore draw another parallel, this time using the current discourse against machismo, for an end to violence against women, where sexist values lose status, naturalness and normalness to be seen as inadequate, as errors and as unfair sexual domination.
Three things I miss: Family and friends, shopping, nightlife and football, transport, the people of Kingston Park and Bank Foot and normalness.
MK: (a) At this point in our maafan historic experience, it is important that African therapists prepare themselves to grow and thrive based on African normalness.
Results of the normalness of the remains in the first model can be seen in Table (4-5)
Kimberley's breezy, laid-back outlook about her new stage in life isn't a surprise; she has always embodied a down-to-earth likeability, a reliable normalness, no matter how successful Girls Aloud became.
This was spearheaded not only over her Lupus situation but the more she has been talking to Demi Lovato who is on her own break really made Selena take a look at her life and realize what is important and that is to enjoy some normalness while she is young," revealed the source to Hollywoodlife.
It brings a chance for our children to look and participate in a way that most children get to do and bask in the normalness of it all.
This analysis will focus on three primary areas: (1) normalness and ordinariness of race and racism; (2) storytelling and counterstory; (3) multi-dimensionality.
but l was trying to keep the normalness of [the day] .
It was almost like it became a common sense statement - a normalness to it.
For some it signals a return "to normalness," "the best of both worlds," "a relief" and "a release.