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constitutive accounts are the only explanation of the normative features
property it must have a certain normative property.
Meyers and Allen (1991) expanded on former organisational commitment models by developing their well-known three component framework that includes Affective, Normative and Continuance commitment measures.
There are reasons for saying that the normative content inherent in most (if not all) attempts to justify theoretically the roles of journalism and media in society.
The rewards offered to employees in advance including paying college tuition, or recruitment or training, normative commitment takes place (McMahon, 2007).
Creating general and impersonal rules of conduct applicable to undetermined subjects, which can be enforced, if necessary through the coercive force of the state, only the normative administrative act has the character of a source of law (Danisor.
We aimed to show how adolescents in China perceive parental power, and the way that normative influence works in the Chinese cultural context.
It is possible to provide different normative justifications of this difference, for example through the application of a version of the proximity-principle, stating that our moral obligation is stronger to those closer to us (geographically, nationally, culturally, etc.
meaning embedded in them, their normative meaning certainly changes over
With this methodology in place, Kratochwil critically reflects on various aspects of the contemporary global normative order, including legal fragmentation and constitutionalization, processes of deformalization, global administrative law, and the impact of human rights discourse on international law-making.
LeBar is willing to bite this bullet, but doing so does not chip his teeth, since we can speak as if the normative properties are present if the subvening properties are present.
Consequently, under a normative condition or DAL, a dictator is free to posit any law with the political power in hands ignoring the legitimacy and validity aspects of law.