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17) Should the judge see herself as a "junior partner" of the legislature, sensibly trying to fill in and make more coherent or normatively attractive a legislative scheme, with its inevitable lacunae and potential inconsistencies?
At the same time, however, Roe's rhetoric seems calculated to distract attention from what, on this view, the fetus is to what it supposedly is not (at least early in its development): an actual, normatively human being.
The motivationalist could reply that, in these cases, motivation is normatively relevant for the assessment of belief.
Statistical and anecdotal evidence are--respectively--normatively strong and normatively weak evidence for the underlying argument by generalization.
As these values have intrinsic worth, by emphasizing them Salzman presents himself as neither normatively nor emotionally negatively judgemental.
Joas suggests a theory of creative action in which the conception of action "needs to be reconstructed in such a way that this conception is no longer confined to the alternative of a model of rational action versus normatively oriented action, but is able to incorporate the creative dimension of human action into its conceptual structure" (Joas 1996:72).
But neither is it normatively identical with those values, so that one can be bedrocked in the other' (p.
May posits that first "the military objective must be normatively compelling in light of the overall objectives of the war [and that] there must be no other, less objectionable tactics available to achieve the same objective" (p.
should normatively be included in income, one who borrows $100,000 is in
The success of private and public sector organisations in the next few years will depend on how effective they are in implementing new ways of working and how adept they are - or become - at normatively exploiting the internet and related technologies.
The process is not rational, directional, or normatively judgmental.
Indeed, the tendency to grade normatively may be a reason why grades are often viewed with suspicion in assessment.