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These narrators do not invite readers to visit this exotic periphery in order to return to the metropolitan center, refreshed and assured of their own normativeness.
Thus, as early as grade five, youth already perceive a normativeness about alcohol use.
Questions of test normativeness in the realm of inductive reasoning are often far more complex than an intuitive assessment might lead one to believe.
Hick and Knitter point to the example of Christianity, where uniqueness "has come to signify the unique definitiveness, absoluteness, normativeness, superiority of Christianity in comparison with other religions of the world.
Normativeness (Is the portrayed violence justified?
53) Between-culture differences in the normativeness of corporal punishment might help account for children's and parents' beliefs about its advisability within a given cultural context.
Our work in framing help-seeking in a positive and normalizing perspective provides clinical support for the literature's suggestions regarding emphasizing men's strengths in therapeutic working-through (Lander & Nahon, 2008a, Robertson, 2006), and the normativeness and strength inherent in help-seeking (Addis & Mahalik, 2003; Englar-Carlson, 2006).
The normativeness of the definition is not a matter of intent--it is simply what happens when one uses the snapshot, or description, of the evolution to say what Anabaptism is or is not.
5) This and other similar arguments have led some contemporary Christian thinkers to reconsider traditional Christian beliefs in light of new developments and the practical implications of dialogue with people of other faiths, since they argue that the traditional beliefs imply "the unique definitiveness, absoluteness, normativeness, superiority of Christianity in comparison with other religions of the world.
the phrase 'pink people' which has the effect of challenging the normativeness of whiteness; by uncovering it and marking it as a 'colour', there is a challenge to whiteness in terms of its 'location of structural advantage, of race privilege,' forcing reconsideration of the 'standpoint' from which white people are viewed.
Both discourses deployed the same strategies of rhetorical polarization and tendentious normativeness to contain and define two potential threats this dance posed to its audience - female sexuality and the racial Other.
35~ The remaining items determined respondents' preferences regarding delivery of drug education, perceived normativeness of gateway and other drug use by peers, perceived influences for using or not using gateway drugs and other substances, and types of people they deem credible and from whom they would seek information or help regarding substance use.