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Expansion of the zone of hybridization of Northern Flickers in Alberta.
Once a cavity entrance is enlarged, however, larger secondary cavity users, such as the American kestrel, eastern screech-owl, northern flicker, fox squirrel, raccoon, and wood duck, are able to use the cavity (Table 1).
We observed a Northern Flicker pair initiate a second clutch while still raising nestlings at a first nest.
As you walk, look for northern flickers, curve-billed thrashers, phainopeplas, and Gambel's quail among the saguaros.
2006) reported that east- and north-facing Tree Swallow boxes in Massachusetts were cooler, and Wiebe (2001) found that south-facing cavities of Northern Flickers in British Columbia were significantly warmer.
Among some of the significant birds seen in various spots, Buelow said, are "snow buntings and horned larks, swamps for eastern bluebirds, northern flickers and winter wrens, and back roads in the predawn for saw-whet owls.

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