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Food and predation risk as factors related to foraging locations of Northern Flickers.
In burned stands, Northern flickers used nest substrates with larger dbh than those used by Hairy Woodpeckers and that were shorter in height than substrates used by Hairy and White-headed Woodpeckers (Fig.
Detections of red-bellied woodpeckers and northern flickers were 24% higher (1.
In fall you'll see Northern flickers, herons, kingfishers, downy woodpeckers, and lots of ducks (common goldeneyes, mallards, mergansers).
erythrocephalus), Northern Flickers (NOFL; Colaptes auratus), Red-breasted Nuthatches (RBNU; Sitta canadensis), and White-breasted Nuthatches (WBNU; S.
Northern flickers usually like to dig out their own nests, but sometimes yoU can attract them with a large nest box.
FDI, which estimates the average number of seeds consumed per observation, ranked boat-tailed grackles Quiscalus major and fish crows Corvus ossifragus as most important while northern flickers Colaptes auratus, American robins Turdus migratorius, European starlings Sturnus vulgaris, eastern bluebirds Sialia sialis and pileated woodpeckers Dryocqpus pileatus were tied for second.
As you walk, look for northern flickers, curve-billed thrashers, phainopeplas, and Gambel's quail among the saguaros.

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