not abiding

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The police said that the swimmers are not abiding by instructions and deliberately go for swimming in unauthorised areas.
Overtaking from the hard shoulder topped the list of violations with 21,374 fines, jumping the red light came in second with 20,780 violations, followed by 6,512 fines for trucks not abiding by their designated lanes.
Speaking to KUNA, Secretary at Fatah and PLO factions in Beirut, Sameer Abush'af, said Jund Al-Sham faction and its allies were not abiding by the truce which was agreed upon midnight after the group attacked Fatah security points at the camp.
And now that President Barack Obama has said that the United States is concerned about China not abiding by international norms and rules, I hope the dispute will be settled soon and the island be given to the rightful owner.
Producer Mohammad Abdel Hameed had filed the complaint to the syndicate while accusing Ramadan of not abiding by the contract he had signed to star in a new drama with him, after signing with producer Sadeq Al Sabah for another drama as well.
The UNSC holds the Houthis full responsibility for the consequences of this attack for not abiding by the cease-fire deal , calling them to go back to their hometown, Sa'ada, and returning all weapons and equipment back, the UN envoy added.
On the current presidential vacuum, the Lawmaker anticipated that such a vacuum could take long especially with the existence of a party not abiding by the constitutional norms in this process.
A fifth suspect was acquitted of not abiding by provisions of the Veterinary Quarantine Law.
Russia can sue the six countries en-route for not abiding by the pacts signed.
Citing interviews with refugees, Human Rights Watch also said extremists were imposing discriminatory rules banning women and girls, particularly those not abiding by their dress code, from moving freely in public, working and going to school.
A survey has revealed that a few banks in the US are not abiding by mortgage settlement rules of the government.
Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered the driver and his insurance firm to pay damages to the Indian man after traffic investigations found the driver responsible for causing the accident as he was driving recklessly and was not abiding by traffic laws.