not absolute

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In that village there was a social equality which, if not absolute, was as nearly so as can ever be in a competitive civilization; and I could have suffered no slight in the general esteem for giving up a profession and going back to a trade; if I was despised at all it was because I had thrown away the chance of material advancement; I dare say some people thought I was a fool to do that.
The sudden darkness was comparative, not absolute, for gradually all objects of his environment became again visible.
Then those who see the many beautiful, and who yet neither see absolute beauty, nor can follow any guide who points the way thither; who see the many just, and not absolute justice, and the like,-- such persons may be said to have opinion but not knowledge?
He belongs to a country in whose national character we have not absolute confidence.
as the consul at Mannheim had remarked) this woman must have possessed, if not absolute beauty, at least rare attractions peculiarly her own.
The process is not absolute or infallible, but it has been found capable of sifting beliefs and building up science.
The Second Amendment is not absolute and, Judge Wood wrote, "Congress's interest in prohibiting persons who are difficult to track and who have an interest in eluding law enforcement is strong enough" to uphold the conviction.
GMC chief executive Niall Dickson said: "Confidentiality is not absolute and doctors can play an important part in keeping the wider public safe if a patient is not safe to drive.
However, he stressed that the concept of freedom was not absolute or universal across all countries, but rather relative and subject to the social structure of each country.
Freedom of speech and expression enshrined in the Constitution is not absolute," said the Bench.
They are not absolute requirements, nor are they intended to be exclusionary.
Though communications by and between counsel and client are generally privileged, that privilege is not absolute - the Courts recognize that the single most sacrosanct pillar of justice is preventing and ferreting out all co-conspirators in a fraudulent, illegal and deadly cover-up.