not abundant

See: scarce
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A beautiful landscape, with the corn bright in it, but not abundant.
Its pickerel, though not abundant, are its chief boast.
Smallweed, Judy, and Bart; and regularly, all day, do they all remain there until nine at night, solaced by gipsy dinners, not abundant in quantity, from the cook's shop, rummaging and searching, digging, delving, and diving among the treasures of the late lamented.
Opportunity is not abundant around the world, but talent is something we all have.
All of this requires discipline, control, and some type of 'personal sacrifice,' attributes that are not abundant in Mexican politics.
Although research is not abundant, scientists have conducted studies on some common scents that might be used for at-home aromatherapy.
As a result, food supplies are not abundant, hospitals are shut, and thousands are taking to churches for refuge.
The findings included purulent (4 ears) and ceruminous (3 ears) secretions in external ear canal that were not abundant grossly, ulceration of external ear canal in 3 ears and excessive hair in external ear canal (4 ears).
The reason why food has become a topic of conversation is hidden in Chinese history when there was not abundant food and everyone was concerned whether their friends had enough food.
A nuclide mass which cannot be expressed through a continued fraction is not abundant.
However, at the moment, the options were not abundant and a deal would not happen in the short term, he added.
Out of these six gases, neon, krypton and xenon are known as 'rare gases', due to the fact that these gases are not abundant in atmospheric air.

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