not accidental

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References in classic literature ?
But the chief point was that all this was, as it were, not accidental in me, but as though it were bound to be so.
You thought the shots all scattered and irregular, and so they were; but not accidental.
Chloe Hudson representing Quinn said he now accepted he was responsible for the injury and that it was not accidental.
Summary: It was not accidental that during this past week, as I and so many others remembered the life and work of the late Samir Kassir who was assassinated 10 years ago in Beirut, I also spent an hour discussing with Lech Walesa in Gdansk, Poland, some of the lessons and experiences of the historic Solidarity workers' movement.
General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, head of Dubai Police, praised his officers for detecting that the victim's death was not accidental.
The actions of Bhagwat and others of his ilk are deliberate, not accidental.
But the investigators have made clear that the fire was not accidental," the institute stated.
It is not accidental that some local and overseas media accused (Seoul) of fabricating the hacking attempts in order to defend (Seoul's) crime of destroying the fence-mending mood and to arouse anti-North Korea sentiment", the website said.
Clearly delineate This period is not accidental, but encourages because it forces to action, without causing panic.
I never watch Blues but it is not accidental that both clubs have poor home form and win more matches away, often coming from behind.
It alleged that the incident was not accidental, rather it was pre-planned.
The commendable way in which the Romanian officials are struggling for the country's Schengen accession - which has become a top priority on the foreign policy agenda - is not accidental.