not accidental

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But the chief point was that all this was, as it were, not accidental in me, but as though it were bound to be so.
These means of transport are sometimes called accidental, but this is not strictly correct: the currents of the sea are not accidental, nor is the direction of prevalent gales of wind.
You thought the shots all scattered and irregular, and so they were; but not accidental.
The election of the chairman of the Raypo in the supreme body of the consumer society of the country is not accidental.
The JIT, headed by CTD chief Dr Sanaullah Abbasi and comprising DIG South Azad Khan and other officials of both military and civilian agencies, was formed to address the reservations of Ahmed as he believed that his son's killing was not accidental.
And it is not accidental today that Armenia, after Serbia, Albania, Turkey - all have accepted it .
The boyfriend's brother also witnessed the slap but said it was a soft one and added it was not accidental.
Instead, he argued that the bureaucratic lapse was not accidental but a conscious cover-up for Clinton.
More and more I'm convinced that this 'detour' in my life is not accidental or by chance, but by providence.
o The form of graffiti on trains and walls is not accidental, nor is its absence on cars and (most) houses.
We cannot disclose a motive at this time, but we determined it was not accidental," the (http://sanfrancisco.
It should be noted that the timing of this action, dubbed "International Street Food Festival", organized by the city of Cologne, is not accidental.

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