not admitted

References in classic literature ?
For commonly they are not admitted, but with examination, whether they be likely or no.
In an oligarchy also hired servants are not admitted to be citizens; because there a man's right to bear any office is regulated by his fortune; but mechanics are, for many citizens are very rich.
But let us consider: Have we not admitted that the rulers may be mistaken about their own interest in what they command, and also that to obey them is justice?
He directed to indicate the responsible ones of the incident who have not admitted the woman in hospital and strict disciplinary action to be taken against them.
Preliminary or transmitted in a different context of Messe Berlin GmbH documents are not admitted to the rating of the participation application.
RAMALLAH, March 20, 2012 ' Contrary to earlier reports that Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike for 34 straight days Hana Shalabi was transferred to hospital following deterioration in her health, she was not admitted to hospital, three Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations said Tuesday.
Liability for these injuries was not admitted by the hospital.
He was not admitted to hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.
Any adaptation not admitted in the norms requires such study and approval I do not know if such has been done and approved by the Holy See, but suspect that it has not, in which case it is gravely illicit for it to replace an entire, ancient and significant rite of the Liturgy.
It is common for students to gain admission based on legacy status even when their academic records, leadership experiences, and other measures of merit are inferior to those of nonlegacy applicants who are not admitted.
We identified all patients who had either planned or unplanned admissions, and we compared the latter with an age-matched control group consisting of patients who were not admitted.