not agreeing

See: dissenting
References in classic literature ?
Pickwick that the air of Eatanswill not agreeing with his lady, she was then engaged in making a tour of different fashionable watering-places with a view to the recovery of her wonted health and spirits; this was a delicate veiling of the fact that Mrs.
Of our being very sociably and simply happy (always in a dream though); and of Jip's having wedding cake, and its not agreeing with him afterwards.
We have no problem with people not agreeing with equal marriage - and there is a strong debate going on in Scotland around the proposals.
I think everybody in the industry sees enough to know that you may not always like things, but it's not a matter of agreeing or not agreeing with what might happen,'' Mead said.
It is unfortunate that by not agreeing to priority hiring, the company is also doing its guests a disservice.