not alien

References in classic literature ?
they are not alien to us--but the man who takes the wrong side on the momentous subject of the Hebrew points must be treated as the enemy of his race.
Thankfully, such concepts are not alien to our society, particularly the business world.
Hindu faith Actually,animal sacrifice is not alien to the Hindu faith as anyone who has travelled to Nepal during dussehra knows and visit any Puja pandal during the season you will find a great deal of excellent nonvegetarian fare.
True, there will be a lot of hard work to be done to achieve that, but that is not alien to the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, which has not hosted an international event without it becoming an instant success and with flying colours.
The humanitarian gesture is not alien to our wise leadership which is always striving to bring about joy and positivity to visitors to the UAE.
He's strong and he enjoyed the freedom it gave to get hold of the ball, "The more experience he gets playing up there, if the chance came for him to go and do the same for us, at least it's not alien to him.
These feelings are not alien to Bahraini people, famed for their honourable stances throughout history," he said.
His Majesty pointed out that such loyal words and deeds are not alien to them as they have always fulfilled the pledge of loyalty and allegiance to the leadership and followed the steps of their fathers and forefathers.
Jonathan Grounds has played at left-back, but at 6ft 2in central defence is not alien to him either.
Many anti-colonial movements around the world ultimately ended White Western tutelage over vast expanses of the globe -- except for Palestine, where the descendants of indigenous Arabs today still battle the descendants of immigrant Zionists (the small indigenous Jewish community that had lived in Palestine for centuries was always part of the local culture, and was not seen as alien or threatening, because they were not alien or threatening, or colonial in their mindset).
When half of society is constantly subjected to harassment, and has been for some time now, it's time to acknowledge that sexual harassment is not alien to Egyptian society.
These artists engage with the Abstract Expressionist heritage without being encumbered by it, articulating their revisionism with a light spirit, a patent love of playfulness, caprice, and paradox that is far indeed from the existential melodrama that is such a big part of the stereotype (and not alien to the reality) of Abstract Expressionism.