not alien

References in classic literature ?
they are not alien to us--but the man who takes the wrong side on the momentous subject of the Hebrew points must be treated as the enemy of his race.
The thought of sending your child to school and something unspeakably horrifying happening is one that is not alien to us, and neither is it to an American parent.
You are not alien people for us, we used to lived in one country.
Divisive politics, which Bhutan is not alien to, was another concern raised during the discussion in nurturing a young democracy.
The local despot is not alien to us: Judgments are impaired as craving for power increases.
And yet, they love and feel like the rest of us; their joys and pains are not alien to them.
This concept is not alien in Federal structures more particularly where participatory federalism is practiced.
tufa th Manchester City can adapt to that system, too, and Liverpool have used it from time to time, so it's not alien to any of the squad.
William Safire called her a congenital liar, and in her recent emails that have surfaced, she all but admits that speaking with a forked tongue is not alien to her nature.
He said: "I think due to Bangladesh not playing much cricket over the last year or so, you outweigh that we are playing in not alien conditions but conditions not natural to us.
The concept is not alien so Stam may be more willing to let his better players get involved and a sell of the time of the first away goal at 57 with Sporting Index.
Seren has never felt the sun's rays and knows that it is highly unlikely that she ever will as she is one of the 'interstellar generation' travelling on a space ship that is 'eighty four years into a more than three -hundred-and-fifty-year journey to discover whether or not alien life exists in Epsilion Eridani.