not allowed by law

See: unlawful
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'Beneco will be able to do this as it is not allowed by law to retain profits, it being a non-stock, non-profit," he added.
She tried to frighten me off with: "You are not allowed by law to take a picture of a public official carrying out their duties in public." Really?
'INEC is supposed to be an unbiased umpire, cancelling election by a returning officer is not allowed by law, just like using the manual to cancel election is also illegal', Akaahs stated.
Sint Maarten became a country in 10-10-10 and has since been realizing national deficits for almost every year since, due to the fact that the national receipts of income was lower than the expenses, and this is not allowed by law and detrimental for the countrys economy and investment climate.
He explained that there are contributions and donations that are not allowed by law.
'Just tell them, you took the money not for the votes but because you want your fare to go home,' the President told supporters after he was reminded that distributing cash during the campaign period is not allowed by law.
As car speedometers are not allowed by law to 'underread' the speed a vehicle is travelling at, they can tend to tell drivers they are driving faster than they really are.
Calida argued that the CA is not allowed by law to issue an injunction order against the selection of the third major player in the telco industry.
Mazzola explained for Sme that Italian prosecutors are not allowed by law to talk about information concerning investigations.
Had there been any tip-off, citizens should not be killed in such way, which was also not allowed by law, he added.
Chief Supt Openshaw also revealed GMP are not allowed by law to give the United coach an escort to the ground - even if the club paid for it.
Banks are normally not allowed by law to charge more than 4 per cent interest above Central Banks lending rate.

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