not allowed by law

See: unlawful
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Overall, third party interventions and collective claims are either not allowed by law or, where possible, rarely used in cases of labor exploitation.
He said, We are not allowed by law to charge more than what is allowed.
The firm concluded that the renewal agency had, on several occasions, used urban renewal funds in ways not allowed by law, and that city councilors might be personally liable as a result.
Local authorities can do nothing as they are not allowed by law to intervene in a commercial route.
It was only when this incident happened and the professionals got involved that it became clear that they are not allowed by law to have this dog.
Children bellow the age of 10 are not allowed by law to travel as a front seat passenger, even with a seat belt and the fine is Dh400.
The accused admitted that they ran away from the police because they were aware that gambling was not allowed by law.
As a conservatee, Britney is not allowed by law to defend herself.
Some 22 journalists were detained by police that is not allowed by law.
Gypsies/travellers are not allowed by law to follow their cultural heritage of travelling because they are not allowed to stop off at unauthorised sites.
Consider that the judges and justices who serve on appeal courts and the Florida Supreme Court are not allowed by law to raise campaign funds for their merit retention elections unless groups organize to oppose them.
That includes welfare recipients who sell EBT cards for cash, or use the cards to obtain cash for drugs, alcohol, gaming, or other uses not allowed by law.