not allowed by law

See: unlawful
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Nothing can be done at present because Leighton has told me that his employer is not allowed by law to disclose to him the identity of whoever made the FoI requests.
The Liverpool College pupil is not allowed by law to take to the skies alone in Britain but has already enjoyed four solo flights in Germany where the age limit is lower.
But the problem is there is no such thing as a double na in parity talaga lahat, it's not allowed by law,' he added.
Aside from arresting them, Duterte also threatened to "confiscate those things that are not allowed by law.
The Trump administration said it came to the conclusion that the subsidy payments were not allowed by law because they had not been appropriated by Congress.
It's disappointing that this court didn't see that de Blasio's political influence resulted in the RGB using a parameter--tenant afford ability--that is not allowed by law," Strasburg said.
Overall, third party interventions and collective claims are either not allowed by law or, where possible, rarely used in cases of labor exploitation.
He said, We are not allowed by law to charge more than what is allowed.
The firm concluded that the renewal agency had, on several occasions, used urban renewal funds in ways not allowed by law, and that city councilors might be personally liable as a result.
Local authorities can do nothing as they are not allowed by law to intervene in a commercial route.
It was only when this incident happened and the professionals got involved that it became clear that they are not allowed by law to have this dog.
Children bellow the age of 10 are not allowed by law to travel as a front seat passenger, even with a seat belt and the fine is Dh400.

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