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But the query itself is not apocryphal. Peter actually asks Jesus this during the latter's farewell discourse, when he says "Lord where are you going?" (Jn 13:36).
Not apocryphal at all are the stories of his behavior in Cavite, which turned Caviteno feeling against him and ultimately led to his killing."
Newspaper reports have reveled in an unlikely, if not apocryphal, image of one doctor aborting a pregnancy at 23 weeks in the gynecological ward of a hospital while her colleague struggles to keep alive a 23-week-old baby in the special care unit down the corridor.
Ten thousand dollars for a seat in the legislature represents a considerable inflation since my time back home, as is illustrated by my favorite Logan County story, which I assure you is not apocryphal. It seems that the Logan County boss was asked by a Kennedy operative how much money he needed to make sure that Kennedy would win the favor of the local electorate in the 1960 primary.
What is not apocryphal, and arguably an even more awe-inspiring feat than Perec's original novel, is that the book was actually translated into English!
Are stories like this - not apocryphal - the best way of getting everyone to lose weight?
There was one bloke, and this tale is not apocryphal, who was bowling down the motorway in his one-year-old Beta, when the entire engine fell onto the asphalt.
Sadly these examples are not apocryphal and good proof, if any was needed, that if you watch this stuff then you need to get a life.