not ascertained

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I had not ascertained yet whether Sir Percival was indoors or out.
Their farther intentions were not ascertained ; but we can safely promise our readers some additional information either on Monday or in the course of the next day, at farthest.
To what appears as a suicide attempt, police have not ascertained the cause and wait till they communicate with the person.
It was also reported that Naqeeb Ullah was represented by the aggrieved family but the identity of those representing Rao Anwar were not ascertained.
Cause behind the fire could not ascertained, Rescue 1122 spokesman said.
Till filing of this report, police could not ascertained the identity of deceased who appeared to be in her 40s.
In Many Cases Temporary Water-bearing Layers Are Responsible for This Stability Failure, Which Were Not Ascertained in the Course of the Site Survey.
As of this moment, we have not ascertained the identity of the gunman,' Albayalde said.
A cause of death was not ascertained but DNA tests revealed the mother as Connett, of Hertford.
They were immediately shifted to a hospital but the women succumbed to her injuries on the way to hospital while her husband, whose could not ascertained instantly, was referred to a hospital in Peshawar in very precarious condition.
Police said that the identity of the deceased has not ascertained yet.
Philippine coast guard officials say they have not ascertained who owned the pipeline.