not ascertained

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I had not ascertained yet whether Sir Percival was indoors or out.
Their farther intentions were not ascertained ; but we can safely promise our readers some additional information either on Monday or in the course of the next day, at farthest.
Police said that the motive behind killed has not ascertained yet, however, investigation is underway to probe out the killers.
The nature of the blast was not ascertained yet but security officials suspected that it might be a suicide attack.
The deceased were identified as Kifayat and Shahid while identity of the third was not ascertained.
It is yet not ascertained whether reading this book led to these tendencies or those who faced these situations feel more attracted towards reading it.
His death year is not ascertained but he is known to have died in 1912.
So far the cause of the accident is not ascertained except that the toxic smoke may have been caused either due to a fire or a leakage in one of the hydrogen batteries of the vessel.
During the discussion, both the parties have decided to change the custom process from the all inspection to the selective examination in order to streamline the process, however the ratio to be applied to the selective probe was not ascertained.
Differences in the accuracy or the reaction times of the test subjects in solving the task were not ascertained between the various groups.
Alcohol consumption was ascertained by asking 3 moderately similar questions about drinking frequency; drinking quantity was not ascertained.
Coan has not ascertained the cause of the explosion at a condo under construction at The Village at River's Edge, a community for people 55 and older.