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In the letter, the Senators also noted that they were encouraged by a recent proposed rule to create a safe harbor for carriers to block calls that are not authenticated, and they urged the FCC to continue its effort to halt harassing robocalls that are often used as a tool to defraud Americans.
The BJP leader demanded Rahul should dismiss these documents in a press conference and tell that he has not authenticated them.
The prosecution said the photos and videos were irrelevant to the case and were not authenticated.
'Where a voter's PVC is read but his/her fingerprint is not authenticated, the APO I shall refer the voter to the APO II who shall:
"Out of the 525 companies listed to render services to Kenya Power, which I checked at the registrar of companies, 136 were not authenticated and therefore did not meet the criteria set to offer services to the sole power distributor," he told Anti-Graft Court Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi.
This is unlike employee sites based on a limited few number of disgruntled employees that are not authenticated. Even more of a concern is that the bogus data is used as a direct, high-pressure selling method to companies, with a promise to change employee ratings for a large annual fee of nearly $15,000.
Alameda, however, said that the video is not authenticated. Robles then said that they would try to secure an affidavit from Berbigal, who received Trillanes' application, for the case.
Local investigators have not authenticated medical reports submitted by former Sabah chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman to justify his extended absence from Malaysia where he was wanted by the police.
The Bangalore Commissioner of Police, T Suneel Kumar has said: 'Before printing such type of news which are not authenticated I only request media to first please confirm it and respect it.'
When the Awardee, as the Claimant, filed an application for enforcement of the arbitral award in Qatar, the other party as the Defendant, argued that the application must be dismissed because the copies of the arbitral award and the underlying arbitration agreement, as submitted by the Claimant, were not authenticated by the relevant authorities in France and Qatar and that submission of authenticated documents is a usual requirement when submitting document before Qatari courts.
Roque also noted that the AMLC's denial as source of the bank information showed the documents were not authenticated.
During regulatory review of listed companies, a number of instances have been highlighted where CFOs, in violation of the explicit legal requirements, have not authenticated the financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2017.