not badly

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Her dresses, badly chosen as to their hues, were perhaps not badly made, but were certainly badly worn.
It needed but a brief examination to show that he was not badly hurt.
Hush, gossip," said the curate; "please God, the luck may turn, and what is lost to-day may be won to-morrow; for the present let your worship have a care of your health, for it seems to me that you are over-fatigued, if not badly wounded.
She was overdressed, but not badly dressed, in black with a high collar, and she wore black glace gloves, in which she played cards; she had several heavy gold chains round her neck, bangles on her wrists, and circular photograph pendants, one being of Queen Alexandra; she carried a black satin bag and chewed Sen-sens.
It was the portrait of a gentleman in the full prime of youthful manhood - handsome enough, and not badly executed; but if done by the same hand as the others, it was evidently some years before; for there was far more careful minuteness of detail, and less of that freshness of colouring and freedom of handling that delighted and surprised me in them.
You are not badly off here," he said, smiling, as if he meant to lodge there himself.
It was not badly named in one respect, being in truth a particularly little Bethel--a Bethel of the smallest dimensions-- with a small number of small pews, and a small pulpit, in which a small gentleman (by trade a Shoemaker, and by calling a Divine) was delivering in a by no means small voice, a by no means small sermon, judging of its dimensions by the condition of his audience, which, if their gross amount were but small, comprised a still smaller number of hearers, as the majority were slumbering.
I, of course, was only too pleased to obey her wishes, tried to appear disconcerted, embarrassed, in fact played my part not badly.
The woman was left traumatised but not badly hurt by the attack.
45 Chelmsford SP forecast 2-1 Fair efforts on all three starts and not badly treated for handicap debut on the pick of those runs.
A WOMAN in her 20s was left shaken but not badly hurt after she was sexually assaulted in Middlesbrough.
However Los Angeles County prosecutors noted that the teenager was not badly hurt in the row on January 13.