not binding

See: invalid, void
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The panel's advice is not binding, but it carries great weight with the National Toxicology Program, the branch of the National Institutes of Health that keeps the list.
The Letter is not binding and is subject to further negotiations of the final terms of agreement.
Although not binding, Wednesday's vote makes it likelier that the provision will be included in a final bill, either as a permanent or a shorter-term extension.
One initiative petition that will be on the November ballot seeks to abolish the personal income tax beginning July 1, 2003, but approval would still require legislative action as initiatives are not binding in Massachusetts.
But that officer's finding is not binding, and is often overruled by the city manager, according to the press release.
Although Advisory Committee recommendations are not binding on the FDA, typically FDA final determinations are consistent with their recommendations.
The advisory opinion of the Deputy General Counsel, which is not binding upon the NIGC as a whole, was in response to a request MGAM made more than a year ago seeking a determination by the NIGC that MegaNanza is a Class II game.
Its recommendation is not binding, but is usually followed by the agency.
This request, however, is not binding on the note holders as a whole.
The rub is that the decisions of those two courts, while not binding on their sister appeals courts, nonetheless provide the others with ``persuasive authority'' to rule similarly.
The Letter of Intent is a mutual expression of the intent of the parties and is not binding on the parties.
The AMA's ethical standards, published in their current version in 1993, are not binding on its 350,000 physician members, about half the nation's doctors, or on medical licensing and regulatory authorities in most states, Plows said.