not binding

See: invalid, void
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The contracting entity does not undertake to make a purchase on the basis of this information request and the descriptions / specifications set out in the request for information are not binding on the subscriber.
LAHORE -- Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has said it is not binding on Supreme Court (SC) to accept JIT report in Panama case.
PHILIPPINE Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC) has shrugged off as baseless the claim of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office that its contract with PGMC is not binding.
The council is asking the public to register their preference of either a directly elected mayor and cabinet or a leader and cabinet, but the result is not binding.
Although letter rulings are only uncertain indications of one line of reasoning by the Service and are not binding precedents, courts have considered them in reaching decisions.
We have not signed any contract, it is not binding on us, it is for parliament to take a decision," Gilani said while responding to a point of query raised by opposition leader haudhry Nisar Ali Khan.
The present position is that such agreements are not binding unless approved by the court.
There are other international treaties that could be applicable to a Katrina-type tragedy one day, but they are not binding on the United States now.
It may only declare itself and its declaration is not binding on the other party or any other province.
It makes clear that any rulings that the Supreme Court or lower courts have made in the past or may try to make in the future in regard to this legislation are not binding on state courts.
Leitch of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, said statements made by Justice Schnall in her ruling "are not binding authority on the question whether Charter remedies can ever be available in a child protection proceeding.