not by chance

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Oh, Rosa, give it me of your own free will, and not by chance.
The prisoner's prayer ended in a sigh of ecstasy; his lips met those of the maiden, -- not by chance, nor by stratagem, but as Saint-Preux's was to meet the lips of Julie a hundred years later.
Was it not by chance the Count of Monte Cristo bought that house?
It was not by chance that the EU had imposed monitoring of Bulgaria's judicial system, but at the same time the judiciary was independent "and no one can touch it, but we all know in what way it was constructed," he said.
It is not by chance that instructors tug at your clothes and call you names.
IT'S not by chance that the BNP political party is currently targeting Liverpool for leafleting.
It's not by chance the United States has the safest food supply in the world, Cleary emphasizes.
It is not by chance that Rains and Villegle each titled one of their lacerated surfaces "Nympheas," or that from a distance so many of these works resemble JEP compositions: Stating a kinship between the entropic waste of mass culture and "high art," the decollagistes intended to debunk the latter as a product of false consciousness.
It is not by chance but precisely for this reason that torturers use everyday objects; they know their victims will re-encounter those objects outside the prison walls.
Speaking of the social pact: It was not by chance that Greenberg, who had never ventured into theoretical aesthetics before, published his "Seminars" in the '70s.