not care for

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Yet I should not care for that: he might do as he pleased, if I might only be free to amuse myself and to stay in London, or have a few friends down here: but HE WILL do as he pleases, and I must be a prisoner and a slave.
I do not mean that he ill-used me, but he did not care for us one bit further than to see that we had plenty to eat, and shelter in the winter.
I did not care for it, neither wanted it nor did not want it, and so small was the impression made by it that I do not remember my first cocktail nor my first Scotch highball.
But you'll go away soon, and go to school, Maggie," said Philip, "and then you'll forget all about me, and not care for me any more.
He knew that she did not care for him, and he tried to force a love which his reason told him was not in her nature: she was cold.
He does not care for you, he does not care for anyone.
I carry lots of cases on me and do not care for fresh ones.
1 pct who did not care for rationalization principle, added Al-Zaidi.
In a previously unseen telegram sent in 1961, Broccoli told co-producer Harry Salzman: "New York did not care for Connery.
The municipality can make good money out of fining selfish contractors who do not have safety techniques, who only want to break and build and not care for others.
After consuming the fries, the boy experienced behavioral problems, had difficulty communicating, could not care for himself and experienced digestive problems, according to the lawsuit.
Vine Deloria, noted Native American historian, lawyer and theologian, does not care for either creationism or evolutionary theory as they are presented and debated in the American schools today.

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