not challenged

References in classic literature ?
Harkey, a long, lank Texan, was unusually friendly for one with a saturnine disposition, and, as long as his theory that gold grew was not challenged, was quite companionable.
Jenner has not spoken publicly about it but he has been looking more feminine in appearance, and those in his inner circles have not challenged speculation that he is preparing to live as a woman.
He said Prime Ministers announcement to take back the petroleum prices has not challenged the OGRA decision.
Shocking hypocrisy unfortunately not challenged by other panellists, David Dimbleby, or the audience and to date the media.
She was not challenged at any of the locations and the council will now decide what action to take.
But if the immune system is not challenged early it may cause an "inappropriate response" to later infections which may then lead to leukaemia, the study claims.
But the real tacit consensus is that the cerebral cortex is the organ of conceptual consciousness, of thinking and reasoning, and that is not challenged by studies that identify the brain stem as orchestrating the basis of awareness.
Mental health for me is a challenge, I am not challenged by mental health.
Why, then, have some MPs not challenged the Government?
John Kerry has not challenged Bush's definition of terrorism.
6015(b) and (f); however, those denials are not challenged on appeal.