not cohesive

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OVER the last few weeks we've seen further indication that the Government is not cohesive in its Brexit vision, preventing urgent progress in the European negotiating chamber, and harming regional confidence.
A product loses its sense of unity when the external hardware design and the internal software interface design are not cohesive.
The council of ministers of the transitional government of national unity was also not cohesive.
Contract awarded for Alpine (forward) A1 ~ 4 not cohesive group horizontal paddle manufacturing purchasing installation
However, despite all the effort that the European Union has so far made to promote overall infrastructure in our Region with projects financed by the European funds, the Region is still not cohesive enough.
He said: "We need a common strategy and common voice because being disparate and fragmented will be a barrier to success and give others the opportunity to say we are not cohesive.
The theme of religion was not cohesive and did not seem to fit in.
The protesters' demands are simple but not cohesive.
I said at the time it was the best board I'd known in terms of skill sets and on paper it was," he said, "but you can have all the skill sets in the world and if they're not cohesive.
Given, then, that Marx and Law takes an approach to edited collections that makes cohesion difficult, and applies it to a collection of work that is itself notoriously not cohesive, it is perhaps not surprising that while Marx and Law includes some very high quality articles (e.
Referring to the G-8 plus five outreach countries, he said while Eoe1/4Eoad hocEoe1/4A[yen] expansions of the grouping were a useful way of broadening the range of consultations, the group was not cohesive and did not have special legitimacy within UN.