not commercial

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The project is not commercial, its task is to increase the effectiveness of agro education and actualization of knowledge of students of an agrarian higher educational institution and workers of the agro-industrial complex in accordance with the development of world technologies in agrarian business and production.
Answering a question about commercialism affecting creativity in music, Sanwal said he believed both need to go hand in hand because a musician won't get paid if the music was not commercial.
We already have a prototype system already in the UK but it is not commercial yet.
She is adamant the flitting, bright shapes are not commercial aircraft.
The event is open only to private individuals, not commercial entities.
It is not commercial, which is why the government thought that it will develop this by giving some land for commercial use also.
We believe that the government should only perform regulatory and not commercial functions, and therefore dispose of by sale or close down commercial operations' of the NFA, Dominguez said.
Manufacturing nanofiber non-woven cloth is not commercial because of the difficulty of scaling up nanofiber spinning.
Telecom companies should be declared as industrial undertaking as the telecom companies are not commercial importers and telecom equipment imported is used in the network to provide telecom services rather than for further sale.
The problem is not commercial but social," he said.
DURAN DURAN - PAPER GODS THE Mark Ronsonproduced longplayer, All You Need Is Now, in 2011 saw Duran Duran rediscover their long-lost form, but it gained only plaudits, not commercial success.
Glimpses of Ireland's Past lives up to its title as a preserved treasury; its drawings were not commercial, but rather created specifically to preserve, record, and remember.