not comparable

References in classic literature ?
And Rachel," she looked at her, meaning, no doubt, to decide the argument, which was otherwise too evenly balanced, by declaring that Rachel was not comparable to her own children.
The daughter of a poet and the daughter of a convict are not comparable in the consequences of their conduct if their necessity may wear at times a similar aspect.
I also welcome his apology and his recognition his difficulties with Nama are not comparable with the horrors of the Nazi regime.
The statistics reported for fiscal year 2014 were not reported the same way as in fiscal year 2013--therefore they are not comparable.
The Zimbabweans have tried to do some effective cross border operations in Mozambique and DRC but the scale and depth of it is not comparable to that of Ethiopia.
Mr Brown (above) said: "We asked for a clear assurance, we were given a clear assurance and that assurance is not comparable with the consultation that is currently being carried out.
Fox shotguns have totally different mechanisms and are not comparable with each other.
Firstly, no, these are not comparable as you cannot compare the abortion of an unborn foetus to a seven-year-old child being executed in school.
Arrangements for the writing test have changed this year, meaning it is not comparable to previous years, but the overall figure for those who have reached level 4 in English- reading and writing - is regarded as 85%, the DfE said.
83 billion but in 2010, the company's production unit was non-operative for whole year and loss of Rs163 million which was not comparable.
It has an impeccable track record, it never defaulted; it's not comparable at all to Greece,' Herbert Stepic said at the Euromoney conference in Vienna.
After an in-depth review, the committee found that data from the different research projects is not comparable, because the studies had different objectives and were not designed to examine the same potential impacts.