not compare with

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The results may not compare with the consensus EPS estimate of $2.
Summary: We must all stand united and put away our differences because at the end of the day, political differences do not compare with human tragedy
Former Blind Date host Cilla said it was "heartbreaking" to lose the items but it did not compare with the ordeal her son Jack, 22, endured.
It really does not compare with when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross prank-called Andrew Sachs.
Surely, however, a showing of Grimshaw's glowing and golden street scenes (including "Liverpool Quay by Moonlight" currently held at the Tate Gallery) does not compare with yet more (seen or unseen) photographs of John and Yoko?
Mr Rammell said: "We will not sustain or improve our position in a competitive global economy if our science, our innovation and our skills do not compare with the best in the world.
Surely this does not compare with Jack's soft option?
Although the first quarter of 2005 did post strong performance, the size of its big deals could not compare with what was accomplished during the same period in 2004.
Admittedly, articles and a few monographs have appeared during the past two decades, but they do not compare with the multitude of works dealing with mental illnesses.
No, it does not compare with the returns investors used to routinely get from their positions in Cisco and Amazon.
But this weekend's display will not compare with the spectacle 2,700 years ago.