not comply with

See: disoblige
References in classic literature ?
She did not comply with Lise's request, she not only left her hair as it was, but did not even look in her glass.
And yet it is very hard," added she, "that a man upon whose affection I thought I might depend, treats me thus unkindly and will not comply with any of my fancies.
He came back to me and took me in his arms, and kissed me very tenderly; but told me he had a long discourse to hold with me, and it was not come to that crisis, that I should make myself happy or miserable as long as I lived; that the thing was now gone so far, that if I could not comply with his desire, we would both be ruined.
He had been taken swiftly to Beckenham, and had acted as interpreter in a second interview, even more dramatic than the first, in which the two Englishmen had menaced their prisoner with instant death if he did not comply with their demands.
Ralph DID shrink, as the indignant girl fixed her kindling eye upon him; but he did not comply with her injunction, nevertheless: for he led her to a distant seat, and returning, and approaching Sir Mulberry Hawk, who had by this time risen, motioned towards the door.
The companies that dealt with the extension of service lines did not comply with the security requirements on site.
If the system stops, as it happens in Bulgaria, it means that your country does not comply with EU law at the moment, so the European Commission must intervene to make Bulgaria respect European laws and if it does not work , can start a lawsuit against Bulgaria in the EU Court, also Bulgaria does not comply with a specific European directive that people with hearing impairment should also be able to contact emergency services, "Benoit Vivien said.
Summary: The Health Ministry forced a number of factories, restaurants, and nurseries to close Wednesday, as it continued its nationwide crackdown on facilities that do not comply with health standards.
The importance of hand hygiene was highlighted to staff after an audit showed that of 216 staff checked, 41 did not comply with sanitiser guidelines.
There was no safety programme for residents and staff, as the facility did not have a fire and safety compliance report from the municipality, The building structure is not safe and accessible for older persons, thus not complying to municipal bylaws, The nutritional aspect of meals served did not comply to legislated guidelines and practices, The facility does not provide evidence-based care to older persons, The facility does not comply with applicable laws/regulations when administering medication to older persons, as no proper medication administration took place, nor did a trained medical practitioner administer medicine.
He submitted that Imran's election petition was illegal as it did not comply with election laws.
Global Banking News-October 23, 2014--US banking panel says Bitcoin would not be permitted if it does not comply with rules