not compromise

References in classic literature ?
Thank you, sir; what I am about to ask will not compromise you in any degree.
They would not compromise as long as the cats held out.
Do not excite yourself, Ned," I said to the harpooner, "and do not compromise us by useless violence.
de Gesvres, in a low voice to the musketeer, "do not compromise yourself
But could you not compromise matters, and give up a portion of your fortune to her son?
Bardell specially said, however,' observed Fogg, glancing at Dodson, 'that she would not compromise for a farthing less.
Or I could write for you dangerous documents, lists of names or instructions, so that in case of mischance the handwriting could not compromise you.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Tuesday in unequivocal terms said that the party will not compromise on the 18th amendment and 1973 constitution.
here Thursday said he and his family will not compromise on its self respect but will be tolerant and patient.
The new lens allows application of anti-reflective or mirror coatings, which does not compromise photochromic performance, Norville said.
Islamabad -- Pakistan's High Commissioner in New Delhi Abdul Basit stated that Pakistan will not compromise on principles of national security on Saturday.
Being essentially an ambient process, chemical etching imposes no thermal stress on the component, does not cause work hardening and will not compromise planarity.