not compulsory

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I had horse insurance, unfortunately it's not compulsory but if you have a trap and carriage on the road it is.
Olawale noted that the NYSC would make available any number of corps members requested by INEC for its election duties but reiterated that participation was not compulsory.
D degree approved by either HEC or PMDC, and is not compulsory to have approval from both institutions (HEC, PMDC).
An official from the Ministry of Health said that it is advisable to take the meningitis immunization, although it is not compulsory.
Tables are available to rent on a first come first served, a week in advance notice, and weekly attendance is not compulsory.
If a school uniform is so vital why is it not compulsory for the teaching staff to wear it?
So in summary, the card is not compulsory unless citizens want to drive, travel or access public services.
To put his mind at rest, it is not compulsory to have a smart meter installed despite what some energy companies are saying.
He said the reason was clear and that is university education is not compulsory as are the 12 years in school.
In January, the Consumer Affairs Ministry had made it clear that service charge on a food bill was not compulsory and a customer can choose to have it waived off if not satisfied with the experience.
He further added that it is not compulsory for the Prime Minister and ministers to submit application for leave.