not compulsory

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The NEC had said that the livestock initiative was not compulsory while states willing to implement it were required to come up with a development plan in line with the NEC policy.
Student figures are expected to increase in the year 19/20 and, although not compulsory, students are encouraged to order their ppe via the portal.
He said the terawih prayers are not compulsory as they were solat sunat.
There will be a free - though not compulsory - glass of whisky for everyone.
A donation to the charity on entry is not compulsory but would be appreciated.
Duodu explained that the tagging of the plate is not compulsory, but said it is beneficial for all to have one for identification to their homes and workplaces.
The former captain stressed upon the need to bring skilled people in the federation as it is not compulsory that only hockey players can run the federation's affairs.
HOUSEHOLDS are still being badgered to install a smart meter, even when they have said they do not want one and it is not compulsory.
However, since the contributions for OFWs are not compulsory, a significant number of Filipinos who have moved abroad have defaulted on their SSS payments.
"The referendum is not compulsory and is not a constituent element of the agreement itself.
| Water metering is generally not compulsory. You can stay on the old scheme based on your home's rateable value.
Of course those interested parties will question what I say but they should be mindful that the issue of smart meters was taken out of the Queen's speech - therefore it is not compulsory to have one fitted.