not concealed

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She has not concealed from me that her circumstances are fallen very low, and that she cannot afford to remain in my house.
And, involuntarily, he darted a glance at the minister which would have terrified him, if Mazarin, at the moment, had not concealed his head under his pillow.
He said the services of Musazai for the area were not concealed from anyone adding the area was gradually being retrieved from the concept of backwardness with the efforts of Advisor to the Prime Minister, Ameer Muqam and Nasir Khan Musazai.
During the course of proceedings, Advocate Sikandar Mohmand counsel for Jahangir Tareen continuing his arguments from previous hearing said that his client had not concealed anything in his nomination papers.
Because standing architecture is always at risk of collapse due to ongoing erosion and tree growth, researchers felt a responsibility to record all extant features not concealed by debris as soon as possible.
Summary: Lahore[Pakistan], July 19,(ANI): Referring to the Pakistan Supreme Court's observation that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had remained evasive in answering questions put forward by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) with regard to the money trail, his counsel Khawaja Harris said that the JIT had not inquired about any other properties, maintaining that his client had not concealed any assets, nor did he own any benami properties.
President Obama has not concealed his frustration with Middle Eastern allies like Saudi Arabia.
No doubt, the consequences of the regional developments is not concealed to anyone and these events persuade the extremist cabinet of Netanyahu to hatch plots to settle Arab-Israeli conflict through a regional solution in a way that it will impose peace accords on the Arab countries and normalize relations with them," he added.
Estrada has not concealed, removed or disposed of his property, nor is he about to do so," according to his motion for reconsideration to the decision of the Sandiganbayan to garnish P183.
5 second from your time; if open top retention and not concealed, add 0.
This development comes as the NFL has consistently maintained that it has not concealed any information related to head or brain injuries that a player may sustain while actively participating in the league.
If there is serious evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, it should be presented immediately and not concealed," said Bogdanov.