not conforming

See: dissenting
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It was, as he instantly recalled, the face of the young man he had seen, the day before, passing out of the Parker House, and had noted as not conforming to type, as not having an American hotel face.
The Department, through the DTI-FTEB's Adjudication Division, will conduct further investigation on these four hardware stores and check on their suppliers as manufacturers and importers of steel bars, which will also be held liable when found not conforming to the DTI-BPS Product Certification Scheme.
Collins presents the evidence for knowledge of the letters in the early church (sparse and ambiguous), notes what makes them different from other Pauline letters, and then argues for their non-authenticity, in the process identifying them as unique, not conforming to any epistolary genre identified by the later theorists (p.
California Not Conforming to Fed Bonus Depreciation Changes
Unfortunately, some businesses are not conforming to accounting functions and procedures resulting in stiff fines and penalties, which was apparent in the Bankers Trust case.
Inoffensive in theory, this approach often devolves into a way to complain that artists are not conforming to the critic's pet definitions.
That's not conforming to the world, that's speaking in parables people can understand.
One cannot fault White for not conforming to scholarly discourse when it was never his intention to do so.
How should voluntary or stipulated agreements not conforming to the guidelines be handled?
California is not conforming to the following federal provisions:
California is not conforming to the credit for retirement plan contributions, a federal credit oriented toward taxpayers with incomes under $50,000(MFJ) and $25,000 (single).