not considered

See: ineligible
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is not considered as having a zenith, though from this view of the
She had not considered what she had been doing; whether he were man or woman, stick or stone, in her involuntary hold on him.
These are not considered prejudicial to health, since both the natives and the whites sleep in the open air with perfect impunity.
Louisa, I have not considered it essential to ask you one question, because the possibility implied in it appeared to me to be too remote.
Hitherto, Rowena had sustained her part in this trying scene with undismayed courage, but it was because she had not considered the danger as serious and imminent.
Davis knew any quantity of Greek, Latin, algebra, and ologies of all sorts so he was called a fine teacher, and manners, morals, feelings, and examples were not considered of any particular importance.
They were not considered honourable methods of warfare.
In case the Speaker's issue is not considered today, Ata Meken parliamentary faction may raise the issue of Parliament's dissolution, MP Erkin Alymbekov told a press conference today in Bishkek.
Certain entities, including banks, holding companies, insurance and surety companies, state law enforcement or investigative units, state or local government agencies, and debt collectors, are not considered "employers," and thus are not covered under the act.
March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida has not considered or approved any aspect of any project in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
But the pair were not considered part of the plot and never arrested.
In French society, it is not considered risque either to one's political or private life to engage in extra-marital sex, even when several political leaders share the same woman