not considered

See: ineligible
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is not considered as having a zenith, though from this view of the
She had not considered what she had been doing; whether he were man or woman, stick or stone, in her involuntary hold on him.
His injuries are not considered serious or life threatening, police said.
In case the Speaker's issue is not considered today, Ata Meken parliamentary faction may raise the issue of Parliament's dissolution, MP Erkin Alymbekov told a press conference today in Bishkek.
Certain entities, including banks, holding companies, insurance and surety companies, state law enforcement or investigative units, state or local government agencies, and debt collectors, are not considered "employers," and thus are not covered under the act.
But the pair were not considered part of the plot and never arrested.
In French society, it is not considered risque either to one's political or private life to engage in extra-marital sex, even when several political leaders share the same woman
FDIC did not detect several internal control deficiencies in its procurement process, two of which resulted in misstatements in the BIF, SAIF, and FRF financial statements, though the misstatements were not considered material.
And that's why some of the youth were very much on a rampage because they are not considered.
Reducing stress is not considered a priority by human resources professionals in Birmingham, according to a national survey.
In that Appendix, auditors will find both changes that are considered significant and have been made available on the OMB Web site (for example, new or significantly revised programs) and also those that the OMB has indicated are not considered substantive or significant.