not contradictory

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This sort of barter is not contradictory to nature, nor is it any species of money-getting; but is necessary in procuring that subsistence which is so consonant thereunto.
In the Republic the ideas are spoken of in two ways, which though not contradictory are different.
Although the WWF has warned against unregulated development of the river's transport capacity, Hahn works from the principle that "ecology and navigability are not contradictory in practice".
"I invented the dialogue table and I am among the founders of the resistance as well, for the two issues are not contradictory," he said.
Aboul-Gheit said Egypt's stance is not contradictory because he "doubt very much that the court will adopt measures against what Israel did along the pattern of what happened with Sudan".
proposal, saying, ''Independent defense and the alliance (with Washington) are not contradictory but are to be mutually supplemented.''
"We need to be sparing of resources", said Mr Proell emphasising that "the Awards show that economy and ecology are not contradictory".
Although the apparent "problem" of reconciling divine love and impassability can easily be "solved" by denying the attribute of impassibility, the utter mystery of God is illumined only when the two attributes are shown to be not contradictory but complementary.
Peace activists, then, will likely be more successful by emphasizing that the opposite is true: Israeli security and Palestinian rights are not contradictory but mutually dependent, and a serious re-evaluation of U.S.
But these different initiatives are not contradictory, and Japan could be involved in various projects, including the BRI.
And while for some, there is a sense of irony that an immigrant would back a candidate who has vowed to deport undocumented residents and build walls to keep illegal immigrants at bay, the 61-year-old school teacher said her stand was not contradictory at all.
"e desire to produce children who are well-rounded and wellqualied is not contradictory. "We are fortunate in Wales that our present curriculum review is giving us a chance to re-think our views on the nature and purpose of education."