not contradictory

See: consistent
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This sort of barter is not contradictory to nature, nor is it any species of money-getting; but is necessary in procuring that subsistence which is so consonant thereunto.
In the Republic the ideas are spoken of in two ways, which though not contradictory are different.
They need to have a security offering that is complimenting and not contradictory.
Its clear that there are real environmental results to be gained from more strategic collaboration with our partners and that oil and gas development and environmental protection are not contradictory goals.
Israel's willingness to use military power, carefully walking up an escalation ladder depending on the threat from Iranian and Hezbollah forces that are actively operating in Syria, is not contradictory to the Trump team's Syria strategy," Heras said.
The first has to do with the Constitution itself, whose provisions on amendments are vague, if not contradictory.
Actually, these statements are not contradictory," Bettina said.
Yet his descriptions of its role in practical deliberation appear inconsistent, if not contradictory.
The proposed BBL and federalism options are not contradictory alternative political solutions.
But second, and more to the point, Pierre's claims of belief about London and about Londres are not contradictory.
The remarks have indeed been vague, but certainly not contradictory.
The fact is that such contrasting elements are not contradictory, but complementary.