not cooperate

See: disobey
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THE Delhi Police on Thursday sought cancellation of the anticipatory bail to TERI director general RK Pachauri, saying that he has been trying to influence the witness and did not cooperate in the probe.
However, he explicitly stated that he would not cooperate with the far-right Sweden Democrats.
The police have urged the public to not cooperate or encourage beggars in the country as they come here on visit visas to make easy money.
Decisions will be issued for the government to not cooperate with these banks," he added, The National newspaper reported.
And if you keep the following actions- we will not cooperate with you," Mykola Azarov said.
The then president Pervez Musharraf might get acquitted if the concerned authorities do not cooperate with the investigation, the sources added.
Chairman Justice Matthew Smith has written to the Government seeking greater powers to sanction so-called "third parties" which do not cooperate with inquiries, a letter seen by RTE has claimed.
Shalan told NINA on Saturday, May 18, that the Commander of Anbar Operations, General Murdhi al-Mahalawi, does not cooperate with the Province's Council, though he is from Anbar, in contrary with the former Commander who in cooperation with the Council was able to solve many problems the province witnessed.
Shops that violate the ministry's regulations after that date will be closed and establishments that do not cooperate with ministry will be listed in the red category of the Nitaqat system, said undersecretary at the Labor Ministry for development Fahd Al-Takhayyufi.
Global Banking News-March 14, 2012--Department of Housing and Urban Development says banks did not cooperate with investigations(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
The weather really did not cooperate but the newspaper coverage, social media and phone lines were buzzing.
According to Grubi, this is the destiny of people, who are led by people that are constantly using tactics-to declare or not declare early elections, to form or not to form a party, to cooperate or not cooperate with Macedonian parties, to build or not to build a partnership with the international community, to follow or to lead the nation, to offer a solution or become part of the problem.