not countenance

References in classic literature ?
Poyser's part, but a magistrate like me must not countenance irregular justice.
"Jungle standards do not countenance wanton atrocities.
Lord John, I trust that you will not countenance such madness?"
Vainly Saxon waked for Billy to say something that would show he did not countenance the killing of the scabs.
Mr Johnson will not countenance keeping the Irish backstop, yet he doesn't have a technological alternative to it either.
He, however, mentioned that a timeline has been given by the Chief Justice regarding this particular case and that he could not countenance further delays.
That is according to Spanish publicationMarca, who say Barcelona could not countenance a deal that would ultimately have cost them more than 130 million euros ([pounds sterling]116million).
Hoops chief executive, Peter Lawwell, could not countenance that, and now the deal could collapse altogether.
The only circumstances under which the EU would reopen negotiations is if the UK were prepared to consider a customs union or single market deal - something the Conservative Party would not countenance.
Solskjaer made five changes from the side beaten comfortably by Manchester City in midweek.However, it was the one the Norwegian did not make, and insisted he would not countenance, in dropping De Gea that came back to haunt him after a positive start from the hosts.
His refusal to allow the Government to bring the EU Withdrawal Treaty back to the House for a further debate and vote unless there are "substantial" changes is extraordinarily dangerous given that the EU insists it will not countenance changes.
'While we respect the separation of powers and independence of the different branches of government, the Executive Branch, in no unequivocal terms, will not countenance any violation of our laws governing the budget, especially with regard to matters concerning our people's hard-earned money,' Panelo said in a statement.