not dangerous

See: nontoxic
References in classic literature ?
He must have estimated him a promising person, but, from another point of view, not dangerous.
As for the captain, his wounds were grievous indeed, but not dangerous.
However, in the mean time it had transpired that the men employed to calk the raft had found that the leak was not a leak at all, but only a crack between the logs--a crack that belonged there, and was not dangerous, but had been magnified into a leak by the disordered imagination of the mate.
As I had lunged I had turned so that his sword merely passed beneath the muscles, inflicting a painful but not dangerous wound.
But on the beach, when the blacks, whose terms of service were up came down with their trade-boxes on their heads to depart on the Arangi, was the time when nigger-chasing was not dangerous.
When one forgets one's anger in mechanics or in cobwebs, it is a sign that the anger is not dangerous.
He was very uneasy and sent to inquire after her; he soon learnt that her illness was not dangerous.
In addition to the sword thrust in his arm, which is not dangerous, he has received another right through his lungs, of which the doctor says bad things.
I don't mean the rather horrendous display from fat men with ill-fitting jeans - revolting but not dangerous.