not deadly

See: nontoxic
References in classic literature ?
This is directly in line with the fact that the bomb was lightly charged, and that its explosion at Everhard's feet was not deadly.
She was not deadly. She was death itself - the companion of life.
He landed three blows to Rivera's one, but they were punishing blows only, and not deadly. It was the sum of many of them that constituted deadliness.
- deep violet blue - not deadly calm, but covered with glinting breakers - diminutive white specks twinkling on its bosom, and scarcely to be distinguished, by the keenest vision, from the little seamews that sported above, their white wings glittering in the sunshine: only one or two vessels were visible, and those were far away.
Although the weighty tome is rather intimidating and could be used as a weapon, their writing is not deadly to the reader.
The condition is not deadly, but it can be extremely inconvenient.
It's appropriate to take time at least once a year to feel grateful that law practice in our country, while uncertain and stressful, is generally not deadly. We don't risk our personal safety and liberty in doing our work.
However, the National Capital Poison Center notes that poinsettias are not deadly. In fact, the NCPC notes that the rumor that poinsettias are deadly may have been around for more than a century, tracing its origins all the way back to a child who was found dead lying next to a poinsettia plant.
In such a warfare, weapons are not deadly in the literal sense, but they are harmful.
One should note automobiles are not included in the list of "examples." As I remind my Concealed Weapons License class attendees, a car is not deadly on its own and won't "cause damage, harm or injury" until an impaired or criminally intended driver gets behind the wheel.
The shrunken superheroes, the researchers calculated, would feel like they were at an altitude of 7,998 meters, and that would make for a serious -- if not deadly -- case of altitude sickness.
And as promotion hopefuls, that is just not deadly enough when the huge prize of a place in the Premier League is there.