not deadly

See: nontoxic
References in classic literature ?
This is directly in line with the fact that the bomb was lightly charged, and that its explosion at Everhard's feet was not deadly.
He landed three blows to Rivera's one, but they were punishing blows only, and not deadly.
deep violet blue - not deadly calm, but covered with glinting breakers - diminutive white specks twinkling on its bosom, and scarcely to be distinguished, by the keenest vision, from the little seamews that sported above, their white wings glittering in the sunshine: only one or two vessels were visible, and those were far away.
Roque explained that the "severe" dengue classification that Sanofi mentioned involves symptoms such as fever and hemophilia, which are not deadly.
Minister of Health Ahmed Emad stressed on October 2 that Dengue fever is not deadly or contagious, after the outbreak of Dengue fever in the Red Sea governorate.
LEDLEY DECENT IF NOT DEADLY THERE were actually two former Bluebirds in the Derby lineup, with ex-Cardiff loanee Tom Lawrence in Gary Rowett's side.
Harrison went on to point out that brown tree snakes are venomous but not deadly, though he did add that they're "a little bit fiery.
Generally they're very easy to treat and not deadly - so it's easy to forget skin cancer can be a very serious disease too.
Quality of driving is dumb and deadly IF drivers are both caring and law abiding, perhaps members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, they are surely best placed to witness how dumb if not deadly, the quality of UK driving is.
The centipede's venom is not deadly, but it can penetrate the human skin and smolder a lengthy portion of it for days.
We are not deadly serious and Beckett's not deadly serious, he is just telling it like it is.
But critics have said that similar, albeit not deadly, attacks have festered for years with little action by the government.