not decreased

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However, at last they drew slowly away, and the Sari, which had not decreased her snail-like speed during this, her first engagement, continued upon her slow, uneven way.
I was glad to find my enjoyment in tropical scenery had not decreased from the want of novelty, even in the slightest degree.
He was in love with Katharine, and vanity is not decreased but increased by love; especially, one may hazard, in the presence of one's own sex.
He claimed that PML-N's strength has not decreased and neither has respect for Sharif after the latest Supreme Court verdict.
Summary: New Delhi [India], December 9 (ANI): In the wake of recent reports that the benefit of GST rate cut is not being passed to the consumers, results from a survey revealed that majority of the consumers agreed that the retailers have not decreased prices and they did not find any reduced MRP stickers.
In 2016Q4, 88 percent said that it had decreased, while 9 percent were unsure about what had happened, and 4 percent said that it had NOT decreased.
The cost of generation of power from renewable energy sources such as wind, small-hydro, and biomass has not decreased over the last five years due to rise in costs of civil works, plant and machinery and power evacuation cost.
If the debt and losses are not decreased, dismiss all heads of distribution companies despite their party belonging and appoint new people," said PM.
Police numbers should be increased not decreased - they do an excellent job under difficult circumstances.
Seat capacity has not decreased since the end of 2008, when all airlines cut back seat capacities to restore profitability.
It was decided in the meeting that if the prices of POL were not decreased by December 9, then oil tankers and goods transporters would observe strike in Sindh and the whole country on December 10.
In recent years the number of the maritime MoUs signed between Iran and foreign countries has not decreased, but it has turned from European countries to the Asian and African ones, he added.