not defend

See: dissent
References in classic literature ?
I will allow that this is vulnerable, and as I say, I do not defend it.
He admitted that he could not defend himself against this agency.
You shall not defend her, though it is Charlotte Lucas.
He does not defend himself--he casts himself at her feet: in my person.
He does not defend himself, as Xenophon has defended him, by appealing to his practice of religion.
With a savage snort of rage, the beast rushed at this new and inviting target--rushed so swiftly and from so short a distance that she could not defend herself.
Well, in that your majesty is deceived, and greatly; yes, I do repent of having drawn my sword on account of the results that action produced; the poor men who were hung, sire, were neither your enemies nor mine; and they could not defend themselves.
When he got to Samaria, he said he would show his zeal for the Lord; so he gathered all the priests and people together that worshiped Baal, pretending that he was going to adopt that worship and offer up a great sacrifice; and when they were all shut up where they could not defend themselves, he caused every person of them to be killed.
His injustice and ill-humour towards his inferiors, who could not defend themselves, I still resented and withstood; but when I alone was their object, as was frequently the case, I endured it with calm forbearance, except at times, when my temper, worn out by repeated annoyances, or stung to distraction by some new instance of irrationality, gave way in spite of myself, and exposed me to the imputations of fierceness, cruelty, and impatience.
Powell could not defend himself from some sympathy for that thick, bald man, comically shaped, with his crimson complexion and something pathetic in the rolling of his very movable black eyes in an apparently immovable head, who was so tactfully ready to take his competency for granted.
I could not defend myself from a certain feeling of respect when she added simply--
Come, Challenger, you could not defend such a proposition.