not definite

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The pretext that wouldn't have been too silly or too compromising, the explanation that would have saved his dignity and kept his name, in such a case, out of the papers, was not definite to him: he was so occupied with the thought of recording his Discretion - as an effect of the vow he had just uttered to his intimate adversary - that the importance of this loomed large and something had overtaken all ironically his sense of proportion.
He has now contacted the Chronicle to reiterate that the reopening is not definite and that more money is needed.
Morocco's nuclear agenda is still not definite or fully approved, hence these are decisions that the King Mohammed VI might make personally.
The testing is not definite proof of chemical weapons use, and the more extensive probes are underway to get the full make-up of the chemicals, according to the general.
Mick Jagger has recently stated that there is a possibility the band will perform the entire 1971 "Sticky Fingers" album during upcoming appearances, but it is not definite whether this will be the case.
The move to featherweight is not definite by any means," he said.
We hope Gary will be fit for Monday although he's still not trained," said Pressley; "he could train on Friday but that's not definite yet.
Such vouchers are not guaranteed, which means that if the retailer goes bust it is not definite that you will either get your money back or receive goods to the value of the voucher.
It is more likely he will go back but that is not definite.
It's not definite, but it is an indication of their illness that helps us with the diagnosis.
It is not definite yet whether Egypt will give support to the coalition following a meeting between Allen and Egyptian Foreign Minister Samih Shoukri.