not definite

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The pretext that wouldn't have been too silly or too compromising, the explanation that would have saved his dignity and kept his name, in such a case, out of the papers, was not definite to him: he was so occupied with the thought of recording his Discretion - as an effect of the vow he had just uttered to his intimate adversary - that the importance of this loomed large and something had overtaken all ironically his sense of proportion.
com/2017/12/08/jane-the-virgin-recap-season-4-episode-7-jane-rafael-kiss-anezka-dies/) TV Line that Jane and Rafael getting back together is not definite, given the fact that she just got out of a relationship with Adam (Tyler Posey).
Despite prodding from Umali and other members of the committee, Aguirre has not directly said that the delays in action to his request to transfer hearing of Maute/Islamic State cases from Cagayan de Oro to Manila constituted an impeachable offense the justice secretary's answers were not definite," he stressed.
Gordon indicated there may be one more hearing, but he was not definite.
It's still not definite but the fact he came out at the end of the Liverpool game to 'wave goodbye' to the fans and his contract talks seem to be non-existent at the moment seem to suggest he is on his way out.
Now, all small claims up to $25,000 can be filed online through a convenient, around-the-clock service including claims for amounts that are not definite or exact, such as an award for property damage or personal injury.
The agreements that have been signed are not definite, final documents," he said.
It added that "detection with antibodies (IgG and IgM), can only be advisory and not definite, because of the large number of cross-reactions between other antibodies related to the Zika virus (Flavivirus)".
Any central nervous system measurements that correlate with differences in subjective pain reports can be presented as "mounting evidence" but not definite proof, he said.
0]) < 0 then STOP: Q([lambda]) is not definite end if determine [[sigma].
He has now contacted the Chronicle to reiterate that the reopening is not definite and that more money is needed.
The testing is not definite proof of chemical weapons use, and the more extensive probes are underway to get the full make-up of the chemicals, according to the general.