not deleterious

See: nontoxic
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These districts follow recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics which stipulates that children should be allowed to remain in school as too many children were missing school for a problem that is not deleterious to their health.
Our analysis of study data from 2000 to 2012 supports the general conclusions of the MWRSA in the 1980s: The use of recycled water has caused an increase in soil salinity in the area; however, SAR values are not deleterious and Na has shown little accumulation in the rooting zone (1 to 12 inches).
Overall, one is left with the feeling after reading this collection that a "faith-commitment" is not deleterious to sound thinking; on the contrary, it is necessary for any philosophy or theology worthy of the name Catholic.
However, its anti-androgenic effect was not deleterious in the PMDD studies (6,7) and may have played a role in treatment outcome--although a similar study of the same dose of drospirenone combined with 30 [micro] g of ethinyl estradiol in a 21/7-day regimen was not more effective than placebo for severe premenstrual symptoms.
It is certainly dangerous to consider as benign such variants, which indeed are not deleterious for the simple heterozygous phenotype but need to be taken into account in genetic counseling.
This study adds to evidence that raloxifene mimics beneficial effects of estrogen but not deleterious ones, says study coauthor Matthew Freedman, a radiologist at Georgetown.
Neve rtheless the reducciones that followed the viceroy's general inspection of 1571 proved to be, at best, of ambiguous worth, if not deleterious to the life of the disoriented Indian.
Whether or not deleterious mutations interact in affecting fitness can have important consequences for the mutation load of a population (Kimura 1961; Kimura and Maruyama 1966), and for the advantage that sex and recombination can provide to reduce this load (Crow 1970; Kondrashov 1982).
The preponderant opinion in the United States holds that slight deviations within homeostatic limits of biological change are not deleterious (Hatch, 1972).