not designated

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DUBAI Forty-two people have been fined this year by the Dubai Municipality for urinating or excreting in facilities not designated for the purpose, as a part of the civic body's ongoing efforts to keep the city clean.
The Commission alleges that these countries have not designated sufficient Special Protection Zones (SPZs) for migratory and vulnerable wild birds or sufficient Important Bird Areas (IBAs).
Readers may be surprised to find that the terms in the Nicene Creed (one, holy, catholic, and apostolic) were not designated as "marks" until well after the start of the Reformation.
Under a divorce or separation agreement, payments are considered alimony if they are made in cash to an ex-spouse not living in the same household as the payor and not designated as either child support or a property settlement.
The least expensive version of the Aveo is not designated the "base" model.
If no legal description exists because the premises are not designated as a legal parcel, a survey of the premises should be obtained from which the legal description can be created.
Designated beneficiaries are eligible regardless of when or how they inherited, but beneficiaries who inherited through an estate are not designated beneficiaries and, thus, are ineligible.
after being fined for parking in a space not designated as a disabled space.
Initially, they reported lower job satisfaction than those not designated redundant, but in the post-downsizing period those declared redundant reported higher job satisfaction than those who had not been designated redundant.
The main point is that there are many areas that are wilderness, but not designated so by law.
5% White females (females not designated as non-white, n=179)