not discharged

References in classic literature ?
By the luckiest chance in the world, I had not discharged myself of any part of it.
If he were not discharged, it is very unlikely that he could receive any further punishment than being committed to prison as a rogue and vagabond; and of course ever afterwards his mouth would be so obstinately closed that he might as well, for our purposes, be deaf, dumb, blind, and an idiot.
They contended stubbornly that they had not discharged their rifles at all, but that their rifles had discharged themselves.
This comprehensive summary of his desires was not discharged without some heavy labouring on the part of Mr Pancks's machinery.
However, interest will be levied on all taxpayers who have not discharged their complete tax liability for July by August 25.
However, interest will be leviable from all taxpayers who have not discharged their complete Tax liability for July 2017 by 25-08-2017.
The appellate court noted that both witnesses were not discharged as state witness, thus, it is within the discretion of Judge Solis-Reyes to refuse to give merit to their testimonies.
He was not discharged from hospital until Saturday but he was allowed out for a while on Friday with permission and told to come back so he could be discharged with all the right medication.
Since the company had not discharged even a single work unit and they had requested an extension in the exploration License without any cogent reasons, a sixty days notice was issued to the company on 18 September 2015.
A spokesman said: "The suspect was red dotted, but the Taser was not discharged.
Johnston argued that the SIC loan was not discharged in 2007 because it was still outstanding and he was repaying it monthly.
The court also heard that while not discharged from the Army, Sharp faces further punishment though its own justice system.